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Acne Scar Reduction

Are you tired of hiding your scars with makeup? We can now remarkably reduce the appearance of acne scars and surgical scars without surgery!

What causes a scar? When the  skin is injured, scar tissue replaces normal skin tissue. Scar tissue has a different appearance than regular skin because of the way the fibers in the tissue are arranged. The goal with laser scar removal is to smooth down the area surrounding the depression and build up the shallow scar so they blend in with surrounding skin.

Laser scar removal offers a non-invasive solution that uses fractional laser technology to deliver rapid, reliable scar removal with less risk, less pain and minimal downtime. We utilize the Palomar fractional laser to create micro-columns of coagulated tissue that extend deep into the dermis without damaging the epidermis.This triggers a wound-healing process that replaces the disorganized, compacted scar tissue with healthy new tissue. Advanced Contact Cooling protects the epidermis, promoting safer, more comfortable treatments. We often combine the fractional treatment with an intense pulse light (IPL or photofacial treatment); the IPL targets the color and the fractional laser targets the texture. Laser scar removal is appropriate for use on all skin types, making it the preferred method of treatment for scar removal.

Realistically, most of our patients require 4-7 treatments for optimal results. Because the stimulation of collagen is seen over time, final treatment results are typically seen 6 months after the last procedure.

Acne Scar Treatment Results

Acne Scar Treatment Results


What types of scars can be treated?
Laser scar treatment is appropriate for surgical scars and acne scars on any area of the body, including the face.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
Laser scar treatment works on any skin type, including very light and very dark skin. Your provider will determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

How does it work?
We use a fractional laser from Palomar – the company that invented and patented microfractional laser technology. Laser scar treatment uses “fractional” pulses of laser light to break down scar tissue and help generate healthy new tissue, light in color and more even in texture.

How long does it take?
The procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Does it hurt?
Most people feel minimal discomfort during the laser procedure.

How many treatments will I need?
Most people need three to five treatment sessions for optimum results.

How quickly will I recover?
People typically resume their regular activities immediately following the treatment session.

Are there any side effects?
Typical side effects include a temporary redness and swelling at the treatment site, which should last only a few days. We will discuss all possible side effects at your initial consultation.


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