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Biopelle Growth Factor

Biopelle product imageYour skin is constantly being exposed to damaging environmental factors like the sun. The body naturally heals the skin be creating a family of peptides and proteins called “Growth Factors”. Through the normal aging process, the natural growth factor levels in your body decrease. To help supplement this decreased level, you can now introduce topical growth factors in your daily skin care regimen. Other skin care growth factors are harvested from humans, but BioPelle found another way.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, during a period when our planet was bombarded by extreme radiation, a snail evolved a method to protect itself. A secretion of growth factors and glycoproteins that covered its skin was absorbed and healed the damage from the sun’s rays – almost instantly!

After years of research, European scientists have discovered and patented a unique way to harness this technology to help damaged skin: SCA (Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspersa) Technology. This is the purified and filtered secretion from this very special snail – it is available exclusively in biopelle Tensage skin care.

VMS offers the Tensage Intensive Serum and we highly recommend this after a MicroNeedling treatment. Because we have created tiny microchannels in your skin during MicroNeedling, it is the optimal time to absorb anti-aging products.  The Tensage Eye Contour Cream helps to firm and moisturize the delicate eye area. And the Tensage Serum BioRepair index is ideal for everyday use; your skin will be hydrated and you’ll notice a brightening to your skin!

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