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Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most frustrating conditions for teens and adults of all ages. Why does it have to be so difficult to have clear skin? We are here to help! At Visconti Medical Spa, we have several treatments and products available to clear your blemishes…you’ll be on your way to beautiful skin in no time!

In order to combat acne, we need to know exactly what we are dealing with! What causes acne? Acne is a disruption in the skin caused by different factors, including bacteria, hormones and genetics.  There is a normal population of bacteria called Propionibacterium Acnes (P.Acnes) in the skin, but when pores become clogged the build-up of sebum causes blackheads or whiteheads to form within the pores. The goals of treatment for active acne are to reduce the count of the acne-causing bacteria and to reduce excess sebum production. Using broad-spectrum light treatments, we can target the bacteria and decrease the inflammatory process within the sebaceous gland. Preventing future blockages or clogging of pores can be facilitated through a variety of therapies including micro-dermabrasion, light chemical peels, and oxygen jet peels. We can also recommend a customized acne skincare regimen whether you are have dry or oily skin. If you have your acne under control but are concerned with your acne scars, click here to learn more about fractional non-ablative scar treatment.

Acne Treatment Methods:

Microdermabrasion – This treatment gently exfoliates the skin  while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner. Although we will not use this treatment over active acne lesions, it can be extremely helpful to unclog pores.

Broad-Spectrum Light Treatment –  We will utilize a broad spectrum light, which includes blue and red portions of the spectrum. The blue light targets the P. Acnes bacteria in the sebaceous glands to reduce the bacteria count. The red portion of the spectrum has a drying effect in the sebaceous glands causing them to secrete less sebum. This procedure has very little downtime (redness and mild swelling) but it is optimal for patients with active acne lesions. Multiple treatments are required in order to get the bacteria count under control.

Daily Regimen – We highly recommend the Glytone Acne Kit – it includes a facial wash, toner, and treatment gel. Its powerful ingredients help to combat oiliness, texture, and blemishes. Salicylic Acid inhibits the proliferation of P. Acnes bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide helps to control the surface oil of the skin while glycolic acid works to retexturize the skin. If you are struggling with “Bacne” (acne on the back), try the Glytone Back Spray. Simply spray it on your back after getting out of the shower – it dries quickly and it’s very effective!

Oxygen Jet Peel – This all natural, painless treatment dramatically improves the appearance and texture of the skin. It simultaneously pressure washes the skin with water and oxygen, exfoliates the skin, and removes dirt and natural skin debris. This treatment works wonders for acne patients – it can help with dry AND oily skin!

Chemical Peel – This is a fast and easy way to exfoliate the skin and improve texture and tone. We can customize a peel for you by adding in ingredients such as salicylic acid to help fight off bacteria.

It’s time to get your acne under control – call for your complimentary consultation with one of our skincare professionals.

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